Credit request refused, what consequences?

Have you made one or more requests for private credit, which unfortunately have not been completed, and wonder if these refusals have consequences? If your file has been deposited with a bank, the refusal will be registered with the ZEK for 6 months. Each refusal is notified. It can be ( more… )

What is refinanced loan?

A refinanced loan is a relatively new service on the financial market that is gaining increasing popularity. Let’s look at the word “refinancing” because it is the key issue. Well, refinancing consists in acquiring additional, external sources of financing in order to replace funds already spent for some purpose. In ( more… )

The interest rate on payday loans

In 2020, the interest rate for consumer loans will remain capped at 10% for payday loans and 12% for credit cards. No change in 2020 As the online newspaper 20min explains in its article, the maximum interest rate will not change in 2020, although it will be reviewed and if ( more… )

Loan amortization table calculator

    The first concern that a loan applicant has is to know if their application will be approved or denied. But normally the second question they ask is related to knowing what the TIN, APR and payment terms will be to pay their mini-credit properly. All this information can ( more… )

Enrollment and financing and solutions for a loan

  Registered commutative internal banking Loans or what solutions are provided for a commutative internal banking reported person or loans to reported commutative internal banking. The commutative internal banking or rather the commutative internal banking represents one of the many databases in which we report in the event of insolvencies ( more… )

When are loans eligible?

When can unemployment loans be approved? It is not just people who are able to work that need financing. It may also be the case that the unemployed have to overcome a financial bottleneck. This group of people receives monthly benefits in the form of unemployment benefit or Cream Bank. ( more… )